Horn Of Plenty

Project Name: Horn of Plenty
Project Areas: 66m²
Location: Chatswood
Completion date: December 2017

Horn of Plenty (HOP) is a food company located in Sydney, Australia providing health food including nuts, snack, honey, dried fruits. Having one retail store, its products are mainly sold in Australian and Chinese organic food supermarkets. The target audience is the young middle class who focus on health diet and food quality
In the shop fitting design, the brand elements and texture fluently implanted into the sales environment. HOP’s first retail flagship store is located near the exit of Chatswood train station. The main task of our design is how to attract the rushing crowd?
The dense, noisy environment of the surrounding is given a warm, natural feel, enabling the visitors to have a relaxed personal conversation with the nutritionist. The central boutique counter encourages direct interaction with the customers. A rustic fireplace have been converted into the cashier’s counter. This same idea is use as display shelves by using sandstone material to give that unique experience. The sandblasted interior gives a sense texture that compliments the quaint wooden pieces and accompanying hand-painted illustrations which highlights their full range of product.